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Lost Places: Why Are They So Fascinating To Us? 

Exploring Lost Places and hunting down the past. Why are abandoned building so interesting to us? Read this to find out more about this intriguing mystery.

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Why I stopped taking my prescribed medication

In life, many things change. Friends change. Opinions change. Conditions change. Homes change. Yet, there is one thing that stands like a solid rock in the water. You. Your personality, your identity. Deep down it’s somehow always the same.  But, what if you lose a grip on that? What if there is something that makes…

Of expectations and reality

When we grew up, the media and our parents taught us, we can do whatever we want. Heck, we are most likely the first generation to actually grow up in a world where we can become anything we want. Yet, I meet more and more people who feel stuck.  Where did your dreams go? Did…


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