Of Motivations, Ambitions and Determination

Starting something new is always difficult. I mean – I have been playing with the idea of starting this blog since June. So, what took me this long? 

Well, I researched, I planned and I strategized. What do I want to publish? What is my goal? How am I going to achieve this? It took me until this evening to realize: It doesn’t matter. Why don’t I just start. Just go for it.  

This is an ode to the thought of just starting something.  

Photo by Tuu1ea5n Kiu1ec7t Jr. on Pexels.com

Just Start Something

Wow – what a rush of motivation. My heart is racing. It is a weird thing to just put your thoughts out there. Sharing what is otherwise inaccessible to anyone else. Maybe except for your psychiatrist. Millions of questions are shooting through my head. 

Am I doing the right thing? 

Who is going to read this? 

What is going to happen? 

Does any of this matter to anyone? 

Probably not. And guess what. Neither do I. You see, I have had the idea for this project for a long time. Yet it took me so long to actually do something. What changed so suddenly?  

Today, I decided to just start. Throw everything out of the window and just start. Gotta start somewhere, right? And sometimes that is all we need.  

Lots of times, ideas that we have develop so far that you catch yourself in a net. You lose sight of your starting point before even starting. So, you have to go back. Cut off everything and take it step by step. What matters most: start something. The rest happens as you go ahead.  

Photo by Soulful Pizza on Pexels.com

Why do we catch ourselves in a net? Well, I think it is the consequence of our fear. Our fear of starting and failing. As an insurance, we work and work to make sure that everything will turn out alright. After all, we don’t want to embarrass ourselves, right?  

That is the thought you have to lose. Take a risk. Start your project. And heck – do whatever you want.  

Brownies & What is Going to Happen in the Future? 

As I am sitting here, eating a Brownie fresh out of the oven, I can’t help but wonder: what is going to happen next? And because no one can ever give you a definitive answer to that, I will just share my ambitions with this “blog”.  

I created this Blog as a new medium for me to share my works, projects, thoughts and more. Everything that exceeds the border of the usual Instagram post will land here. 

Now of course, I am not starting this without any prior plan as to what I want to create. The main things I will focus on are: photography guides, travel content and my projects. The former refers to little guides on equipment and photography. Travel content will feature guides on places I have explored and the latter, my projects, will focus on my thoughts and photography projects.  

Road through a forest

Me, My Equipment and I

I am going to finish this Blog-article with some information about myself. Weird, right? Usually, you would start with something like that. I don’t know why I didn’t. So, don’t ask. 

Tom sitting on a bench

To myself: I am Tom, 25 years old and from Berlin, Germany. I’ve gotten into photography in 2018, while I was living in Finland. Ever since then, I have been working on my craft. I started off with the Nikon D3300, continued with the Nikon D7500 and now I am working with the Sony Alpha 7 III. In addition to that, I have a DJI Mavic Air 2 that got me into all kinds of trouble so far.  

And I know that picture of me is not nice and friendly. Please remind me to change it, once there is actually a picture, in which I look nice.

I love to shoot landscapes, people and abandoned buildings. I know the latter one makes me sound ultra-creepy. But I will assure you, you will develop the same interest for it, if you keep following my work in this area.  

Well, that is it for today. I hope I could make you somewhat interested in my little project and I am looking forward to sharing some more stuff with you very soon.  

2 responses to “Of Motivations, Ambitions and Determination”

  1. Stumbled across your blog through your latest post about BPD, and figured that I’d spur you on a little to keep on blogging, and blogging regularly, since it’d be a waste not to use your photography and writing talents, both on full display in your quality posts. So keep on keeping on, Tom!


    1. Thank you so much – I am trying to be more consistent. But I don’t always feel inspired ._.


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